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Environment sector

Preservation of the planet's resources, new consumer demands, stricter regulations... the environmental sector is receiving a great deal of attention and is looking for innovative solutions.

Innovating to meet the environmental challenges of today and tomorrow

There are many challenges for environmental actors. They must find solutions that reconcile sustainable development and technological innovation, which are strategic issues that are sometimes complementary and sometimes conflicting. More than ever, environmental issues are at the heart of public and government concerns: the fight against pollution and waste, the growing demand for greener energy, the reduction of greenhouse gases, and the strain on fossil fuel energy sources. 

Drawing on its expertise in the water, waste and renewable energy markets, AREAL proposes Topkapi SCADA software. Adapted to the environment needs, it responds to the problems of operators and integrators: processing of Big Data linked to larger and more intelligent instrumentation (carried by the IoT in particular), real-time data analysis (Smart Data), management of new communication media, integration into the company's information system, etc.

In order to support players in this sector, Topkapi software platform provides innovative solutions to the needs of improving the efficiency of drinking water networks (leak detection), pollution monitoring (self-monitoring of sewerage networks, monitoring of atmospheric emissions, etc.), and the management of wastewater treatment plants. ) and process control in the fields of biogas, incineration, water treatment and wind or solar energy production. 

Business applications

Topkapi: a software platform at the service of your business

Waste management

Renewable energy

Biomass / Biogas

Self-monitoring of sanitation networks

Smart water


Drinking water

Flood management

Leak detection / sectorization


Water sanitation

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