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Train yourself to use Topkapi in complete autonomy

AREAL is an Qualiopi certified and Datadock referenced organization that trains your teams on Topkapi SCADA software. Standard or customized training, inter or intra-company, we alternate theory and practice to make you autonomous in the use of your SCADA solution.

Topkapi SCADA software training courses adapted to your needs

AREAL guarantees you a high level of training designed and delivered by the publisher of the Topkapi SCADA software. The pace of training allows everyone, through a combination of theoretical and practical instruction, to acquire the skills required to set up the SCADA system. To be as close as possible to your needs, our engineers evaluate your expectations before each session in order to adapt the format and content of the training if necessary. 


Our trainers, polyvalent experts in Topkapi SCADA software, provide training sessions on the Savigny-le-Temple site (77 - France), intervene on your premises in the case of intra-company training, and accompany you remotely in remote training. Pedagogical and attentive, they teach you all the skills you need to build, operate and maintain your SCADA applications. 

Members of our training team

AREAL - Cyril Richer - Responsable support technique
AREAL - Olivier Urruty - Ingénieur support technique
AREAL - Louanes Ferhoune - Ingénieur support technique
AREAL - Christian Foret - Ingénieur support technique
AREAL - Nicolas Bocos - Ingénieur support technique
AREAL - François Thidet - Ingénieur support technique
AREAL - Lucas Degrigny - Ingénieur support technique
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Practical information on Topkapi training courses

How long do the training courses last?

The standard training courses for the Topkapi SCADA software take place over one week, four full days. From Monday afternoon to Friday noon. Customized training courses are composed tailor-made according to your needs, which are evaluated beforehand.

Our training room, based in Savigny-le-Temple (France), is equipped to accommodate up to six people. For in-company training, we adapt to your workforce. Nevertheless, to preserve the quality of the training and your satisfaction, we recommend a maximum of six people per session.

On our site in Savigny-Le-Temple (France), each participant benefits from a dedicated computer station and we provide various equipment: industrial programmable logic controllers, remote management equipment, simulation server, etc.

Within your premises, we ask you to provide us with a room, computer stations, a video projector and a whiteboard.

For all training courses, we provide each participant with a training pack. 

For more efficiency and when demand permits, we can provide remote training. For the modalities and the content, please contact your usual contacts.

At AREAL, we are committed to creating a special relationship with our customers. Our team of trainers therefore remains available for support to exchange and provide any additional information as needed. 

To go to our premises and find an accommodation, we invite you to consult our practical guide >>

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