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Bien plus qu'un logiciel SCADA*

*More than a SCADA software
Multi-sector solution, Topkapi is an innovative software platform that offers much more than the traditional functions of a SCADA software to cover your business needs.

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Topkapi: a modular and integrated software platform

Capitalizing on 30 years of experience, Topkapi SCADA software is part of a continuous improvement process to enhance your operational efficiency. In addition to the traditional functions of SCADA software - data acquisition and logging, presentation of information in the form of graphical synoptic diagrams, alarm management - Topkapi is now positioned as a truly open and interoperable software platform. It responds to the current and future challenges of all the business sectors it addresses: mobility, integration with the company's Information System, cybersecurity, IIoT, data intelligence, Big Data or Cloud Computing. 

As an essential and indispensable building block of your Information System, Topkapi SCADA software is a durable solution that preserves your investments over the long term. Upward compatibility, ease of configuration, scalability and wide distribution bear witness to this promise. As a modular and integrated solution, Topkapi adapts to all types of architecture, from the simplest to the most complex, where its processing power can be expressed.

Key assets for your projects

Topkapi is based on values and characteristics that guarantee the success of your projects.
Made in France
Topkapi software platform is entirely designed and developed in France by its publisher AREAL. No software development is outsourced for a perfect mastery of the source code by our teams. The result is a quality of service that is recognised and acclaimed by our customers: responsiveness in the supply of patches and minor changes, for example.
Our Topkapi software platform is aimed at all types of business sectors: building management, industry, environment, energy, infrastructure & transport. Year after year, the solution has been enriched with business functions specific to certain fields of activity. For example, Topkapi benefits from integrated remote management functions, enabling it to boast an excellent reputation in the fields of drinking water and sanitation. It is therefore very well referenced with local authorities and operators, particularly in the management of multi-site / multi-brand / multi-media communication architectures.

Openness for interoperability
Topkapi is an essential business application for your Information System. Our solution is as close as possible to the data-producing equipment, ensuring its piloting and control, while providing a link with other business applications such as management, scheduling, decision-making, GIS, etc. Topkapi solution offers numerous possibilities for interfacing with any type of application or equipment with which it may be associated.
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Integrated, modular and scalable solution
Topkapi is an integrated solution: there is no need to combine different software packages to meet, for example, the needs of data processing/presentation, mobile consultation, on-call, reporting, KPIs, etc.
Thanks to its modularity, the user can upgrade the solution as needed by adding functions to the software without the need for third party solutions. The proposed solution is always tailored to the right need, nothing more; you do not need to purchase modules that are not necessary for your project. Thus the solution can, for example, be positioned as a simple communication front end at the start and then evolve towards richer functions later on.

Optimised parameterisation costs
Because we know that the configuration and maintainability of a monitoring application represents an important part of your budget, we have designed Topkapi to make your task easier. No need to master a computer language to set up Topkapi as standard. Auto-parameterisation functions and object-oriented programming are integrated to meet the productivity challenges involved in deploying your applications. However, the software also offers extensive parameterisation possibilities for advanced business customisation. Topkapi adapts to each project by taking into account its needs and user skills.
With Topkapi, you can access your application from any type of terminal in order to visualise and control your installations. The user has unlimited space and time access to the data of his supervision application in a verified and secure manner.
AREAL took an early interest in the security issues related to its software platform by participating in a working group led by ANSSI on the SCADA theme. For several years now, our Topkapi development processes have therefore incorporated the recommendations of this group in terms of cybersecurity. In addition, we are part of a permanent technology watch process for the application of security patches to Topkapi if necessary.
Power and performance
Heterogeneity of data sources, increasing volume of data to be processed, availability of applications, ease of access to information, etc. These are some of the challenges you have to face. Topkapi is a powerful and high-performance software platform with the following features in particular:
o High availability with redundancy for service continuity
o Client/server architecture enabling several dozen workstations to be interconnected
o Advanced data processing functions
o Processing capacity: Topkapi can process more than 100,000 variables on a single server workstation.
With the digital transformation that is taking place, the needs and uses in terms of automation and control/command are evolving. As part of a process of continuous improvement, Topkapi SCADA software evolves regularly to adapt to a rapidly changing environment in order to meet your business challenges. For example, to meet the new uses of nomadic consultation and security requirements, AREAL was one of the very first, if not the first, industrial supervision software publishers to offer a 100% HTML5-compatible web server at the beginning of 2017 with its version 6.0 of Topkapi.
Pérennité et compatibilité ascendante
One of our main concerns is to preserve our clients' investments and also to build a long-lasting relationship with them. To do this, backward compatibility has been integrated into all our developments since the creation of our Topkapi solution. Thus, a Topkapi application developed in version 2.5 (1998) can be migrated to the current version with a minimum of parameterisation and therefore with little effort.
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Topkapi: multi-sector software platform

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