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More economical, more comfortable, more environmentally aware... the building management sector continues to evolve. The Topkapi software platform helps you to meet these challenges.

Intelligent building management system with Topkapi SCADA software

As a leading energy-consuming sector, the building management sector is attracting a great deal of attention due to the high savings potential it represents. Environmental pressure and the need to control energy consumption require innovative technological solutions.

Building Management Systems (BMS) is a well-known field of application in terms of monitoring and automation. With the new standards related to global warming and the development of new information and communication technologies (NICT), the editors of SCADA solutions must innovate. It is always essential to monitor, control and coordinate all of the building's technical packages. But it is also becoming necessary to collect, analyze and optimize energy consumption of all kinds while preserving and improving the comfort of the occupants. 

The building, whether old or new, tertiary or industrial, must be intelligent and communicative in order to reduce its carbon and energy footprints. It must also adapt to the energy supply by adjusting its consumption (Smart Grid). Proposed by AREAL, Topkapi SCADA software offers all the guarantees of adaptation to the most demanding applications in the sector by covering all the monitoring needs of the connected building. Its energy analysis and interoperability capabilities and its independence from hardware manufacturers make our software a suitable response to Smart Building. 

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