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Topkapi EMS: software for monitoring industrial emissions

Adaptable to all technical environments and compliant with regulatory standards, the Topkapi EMS (Emission Monitoring Software) SCADA software ensures the monitoring of industrial emissions.

Continuously monitor its atmospheric emissions with
the Topkapi EMS solution

In the industrial sector, the monitoring of emissions (gases, flows and particulate matter, etc.) to comply with the legislation is an obligation. Incinerators of all types, combustion plants, cement plants, paper mills, ... all actors have to justify an environmental footprint regulated by current regulations.

To support the players in the sector, AREAL propose Topkapi EMS application dedicated to the continuous monitoring of industrial emissions. Topkapi EMS solution is the result of a know-how in SCADA software and is composed of a module for data acquisition, processing and archiving. Its visualization interface (synoptics, curves, alarms, etc.) and its balance sheet generation module - automated or manual - provide assistance in the management of installations and provide daily, monthly and annual multi-component reports for the complete monitoring of industrial emissions from a regulatory point of view. An open and interoperable solution, this application can be customized by AREAL to take into account your own technical constraints.

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