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Transport & infrastructure sector

Water network, electricity network, rail transport, waterways... the actors of the transport & infrastructure sector need a reliable, secure and long-lasting supervision solution to provide an efficient and effective service.

A sector with multiple supervisory challenges

Infrastructure networks and services for the transport of goods and people play an essential role in the economic and social development of a geographical area. Faced with technological, political and ecological challenges, players in the transport & infrastructure sector must innovate to meet the expectations of this demanding market. Their challenges? To improve productivity, extend the life of assets, reduce operating costs, ensure continuity of services, etc. 

Transport and infrastructure thus need to be more available, safe and "green". The supply market must meet these needs by facilitating the movement of goods and people to make territories more attractive, by adapting networks to climatic hazards (heat waves, floods, etc.) and by ensuring that they are sustainable and competitive. To help them, AREAL offers theproposes Topkapi software platform. In addition to the traditional functions provided by a SCADA system, it provides quality supervision solutions for : 

  • respond to the challenge of the volume of data to be processed (Big Data) 
  • provide rapid and effective decision support 
  • anticipate difficult situations 
  • provide relevant performance indicators 

Topkapi SCADA software makes it possible to manage the operation of many facilities from a control center, control operating costs, improve the safety of people and facilities, reduce the risk of malfunctions, ensure service continuity, optimize maintenance and increase equipment availability.

Business applications

Topkapi: a software platform at the service of your business



Water sanitation

Gas / Oil pipelines


Harbour activity







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