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The energy transition is impacting all players in the energy sector and must meet the challenge of reconciling a growing demand for energy with the preservation of our planet.

Piloting, monitoring and evaluating energy production and distribution systems

The challenges in the energy sector are of two kinds: 

  • growing demand linked to population growth and the industrializing countries; 
  • the need to reduce our carbon footprint by developing alternative energy sources to fossil fuels. 

The challenge is therefore a major one for companies and industrialists involved in the energy transition. They have to increase the production of "green" energy, to produce, save and use energy more efficiently. 

Today, monitor and control is at the heart of the solutions proposed by these players. The emergence of decentralized and ecological sources of production (wind, solar, cogeneration, bioenergy, etc.) requires adapted steering tools for managing production and integration into the distribution network. In terms of energy efficiency, the centralization of data to measure and optimize consumption enables flexible and negotiated energy use strategies (Smart Grid).

Topkapi SCADA software, proposed by AREAL, thus helps players in the sector to manage, monitor and evaluate energy production and distribution systems. As an open and flexible software platform, it can be connected to heterogeneous and dispersed equipment to centralize and analyze data in order to contribute to process optimization.

Business applications

Topkapi: a software platform at the service of your business

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Smart grid

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