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Our hardware partners

In order to support you in the deployment of your supervision solution, AREAL recommends the use of certain proven equipment and relies on a network of trusted partners for your supply.

AREAL: our hardware partners

Discover all the useful information on recommended hardware and associated supplier partners.

PSTN modems for RTU's

Recommended modems for PSTN communication with remote terminal units are :

Modems for SMS Dataloggers and GSM data acquisition

Recommended modem for communication with GSM data or SMS acquisition devices is the following : ERCOGENER GenPro 325e (transparent) GSM modem, Topkapi being delivered with validated command strings for this device. Please note that there are possible special requirements in each country. The GSM modem can be used jointly for the SMS remote alarm notification for SMS acquisition only.

Modems for alarm remote notification

Alarm notification (SMS and pacing equipment)

Recommended modem for the use of remote alarm notification by SMS (to send direct SMS messages with Topkapi, and enable acknowledgement by reply SMS messages) is GSM modem ERCOGENER GenPro 325e (transparent). Please note that there are possible special requirements in each country.

You are recommended not to use USB modems: any computer restart can result in unexpected serial port number change.



For Text-To-Speech, you can use use a PSTN modem ERCOGENER GenPac 92c (from version 6.0), or interface directly with a PBX compatible SIP (from version 6.1)

Remote serial ports on Ethernet network

Serial/Ethernet converters enable to connect a controller equipped with a serial port to an Ethernet network. The controller is processed by Topkapi as as standard serial device (use of the Topkapi's serial protocol driver).

To connect Schneider Electric controllers using the serial Modbus protocol to Topkapi using the Topkapi's MODBUS TCP-IP driver, use the Schneider Electric's serial to Ethernet device (please contact your Schneider reseller).

MOXA products are available with 2, 4, 8 or 16 serial ports RS232, 422 or 485, 1 Ethernet port, and possibly a V90 or ISDN modem.

Multiport serial boards

Moxa: 4-port RS 232/485 multichannel card available from ADM21 (Industio CP-134U Series)

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