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Monitoring of fire safety systems

Compatible with various SDI-ECS, CMSI and UGCIS power plant manufacturers, Topkapi offers perfect adaptability to fire safety system (SSI) requirements.

Topkapi: customizable and interoperable solution

Parking lots, factories, office buildings... having a fire protection system is a must. With increasingly sophisticated and technical equipment, it is essential to be equipped with a SCADA software or operational assistance unit (OAU) that allows the information from fire safety systems to be easily and quickly monitored.

In order to meet your expectations for monitoring your fire safety system (FSS), Topkapi SCADA software offers both the possibility of automating the creation of the supervision database in connection with the FSS control units and also the generation of graphical interfaces for the representation of buildings. 

With reduced development time, simplified commissioning and controlled maintenance costs for the operator, Topkapi SCADA software is designed to be quickly adopted by your teams. Independent of SSI manufacturers, Topkapi offers you great flexibility and can be connected to your current equipment or systems. In addition, our monitoring solution benefits from all the AREAL team's know-how in industrial supervision: statistical tools (operating reports), on-call duty, traceability, operator rights management, client/server mode consultation, etc. 

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Topkapi: multi-sector software platform

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