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AREAL is a SCADA software publisher. We design, develop and market the Topkapi SCADA software platform.

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A software editing company with strong human values

Created in 1989, AREAL is a French company on a human scale. As a software publisher, AREAL is strong thanks to the men and women who make it up. All our employees are motivated by common objectives, to perpetuate and develop the business, while maintaining the values that have made AREAL's success: team spirit, listening skills, honesty and customer proximity.

Proud of our track record, we continue to innovate year after year to adapt in a constantly changing environment: we act on our organization and our internal processes on the one hand, and develop our solutions to meet the new challenges of the digital world on the other.

At AREAL we have a historical know-how in industrial supervision. We pay particular attention to the quality of the developments and services offered to ensure our customers' satisfaction.
AREAL's teams' knowledge of the field and business issues enables us to stay in touch with customer needs and to orient Topkapi's solution development towards innovation and simplicity.
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Listening, professionalism and reactivity of AREAL's teams are key elements of our success. Our customers are our best ambassadors.
AREAL - Marc Baudin - Directeur Général
"I have seen AREAL grow and evolve since its creation. Our development has been built on the confidence of our customers in our solutions and the quality of our services. The state of mind that drives our teams and unites us is a guarantee of sustainability for the company and your investments."
Marc Baudin

Our purpose: to offer an open, flexible and easy to use
SCADA software platform

AREAL designs, develops and markets its SCADA software, Topkapi. Year after year, we support many companies by offering them solutions to improve their operational efficiency. AREAL teams' knowledge on business issues enables us to understand customer expectations and to guide the development of the solution. Our manifesto is "Innovate, evolve without making things more complex"

To remain competitive, AREAL teams devote time to market watch, to detect and anticipate new needs and adapt to the constantly changing technological and competitive environment. In this way, we meet the needs of players present in multiple business sectors: industry, environment, energy, building management, infrastructure and transport. 

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