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The concept of Industry 4.0 lays the foundations for the factory of the future, which is more flexible and efficient because it is more intelligent and communicative. 

Industry 4.0: distributed and connected intelligence
for adaptive production

Industry 4.0 is the fourth industrial revolution. It is leading to the creation of smart factories to take full advantage of digital manufacturing. A fully interoperable ecosystem of machines and partners is created throughout the supply chain and data feeds and corrects workflows. 

Industry 4.0 is then characterized by a close interconnection between machines and systems within production sites, but also between themselves. Furthermore, the interconnection is extended to the customer, who can himself interact on the means of production. In this context, choosing the best technical solutions to control information and plant performance is more than ever a strategic challenge for manufacturers. 

With the evolution of new ICT technologies, the control, diagnosis and maintenance of production equipment in local or remote networks in distributed architectures are possible. Automation modules are omnipresent and open to the outside through communication networks of all kinds. The transfer of information as close as possible to the production equipment requires a conductor: Topkapi SCADA software. 

Developed by AREAL,  Topkapi software platform is a true open and interoperable collaborative solution. It responds to your new challenges such as the collection and analysis of large volumes of data within Plant 4.0. 

Business applications

Topkapi: a software platform at the service of your business

Waste treatment

Automobile / manufacturer

Chemistry / Pharmacy

Drinking water

Quarries and mines

Steel industry

Technical Building Management


Cement factory


Thermoforming / plasturgy

Agri-food industry

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