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How to integrate heterogeneous multi-source IIoT information in Topkapi ? AREAL brings a concrete and flexible solution with Topkapi's protoscript which allows to realize scalable custom data acquisition. Whatever the chosen communication technology (Sigfox, LoRa, MQTT, etc.), this solution will meet your needs.

How can Topkapi interface with IIoT?

There are currently no communication standards in the field of connected objects. Several technologies are available: SIGFOX, LoRa, MQTT, etc. What's more, within the same technology, data exchange formats remain open and non-standardised.

So how do you integrate heterogeneous, multi-source IIoT information into Topkapi?

AREAL provides a practical, flexible solution with its scriptable protocol, which enables customised, scalable data acquisition. Whatever communication technology you choose, this solution will meet your needs.


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