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Our technical support for your Topkapi applications

To assist you in the development and maintenance of your Topkapi SCADA applications, AREAL provides you with its technical support team. Our engineers answer your technical support requests on a daily basis.

AREAL: responsive and quality technical support

Our technical support team is made up of experienced engineers capable of resolving more than 90% of the problems submitted to it within 24 hours (working hours), or of proposing palliative solutions in more than 99% of cases within a maximum of 48 hours. Our technical support engineers are also involved in the development of the software in terms of specification, testing, documentation and training. Polyvalent, they are therefore experts in our Topkapi SCADA platform.

Around our technical support team, we offer a wide range of services: hotline support, on-site assistance, remote control of applications in accordance with cybersecurity rules if requested, etc. Our aim is to satisfy you and to offer you the best service in terms of responsiveness, availability and listening. Do not hesitate to contact us, your questions should not remain unanswered.

Would you like to contact AREAL technical support? 

  • By phone at +33 1 60 63 07 52 
  • By email at the following address:

Don't forget to bring your license number indicated on your DVD, your protection key or directly in the software ("About" section). 

Members of our technical support team

AREAL - Cyril Richer - Responsable support technique
Cyril Richer
Technical support manager
AREAL - Céline Delobelle - Service administratif
Céline Delobelle
Administrative service
AREAL - Quentin Lejeune - Ingénieur support technique
Quentin Lejeune
Technical support engineer
AREAL - Olivier Urruty - Ingénieur support technique
Olivier Urruty
Technical support engineer
AREAL - Louanes Ferhoune - Ingénieur support technique
Louanes Ferhoune
Technical support engineer
AREAL - Christian Foret - Ingénieur support technique
Christian Foret
Technical support engineer
AREAL - Véronique Mercier - Support technique
Véronique Mercier
Technical support
AREAL - Nicolas Bocos - Ingénieur support technique
Nicolas Bocos
Technical support engineer
AREAL - François Thidet - Ingénieur support technique
François Thidet
Technical support engineer
AREAL - Miguel Ramos - Ingénieur support technique
Miguel Ramos
Technical support engineer
AREAL - Lucas Degrigny - Ingénieur support technique
Lucas Degrigny
Technical support engineer
Areal membre équipe
Mélanie Pegorier
Administrative service
Areal membre équipe
Louiza Ighilahriz
Technical support engineer

Topkapi & security information

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