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Openness & interoperability

Topkapi SCADA software offers many possibilities to interface with any type of application or hardware to which it can be associated.

Topkapi: flexible and modular monitoring solution

With the rapid evolution of technologies, it is necessary to equip oneself with durable solutions capable of adapting to a constantly changing environment. Topkapi SCADA software, which can be interfaced with many applications or hardware, adapts to all situations for an efficient and uncomplex deployment. 

Whether you need custom-developed applications, commercial software packages (CMMS, GIS, MES, ERP, data validation, etc.), automation equipment or simply communicating equipment, there is a solution for exchanging data with Topkapi. Our SCADA software thus meets the need for interoperability between applications within the company's information system, where data management is a major issue for performance and competitiveness.

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Our answer with Topkapi

Integrate supervision to the company’s information system

Interconnect the systems

Exchange information between professional software

Make archived data available for differed time use

Exchange data in real time

Use standard/normalized software connectors

Reduce implementation time

Facilitate systems integration

Interfacing possibilities

To each his own solution to create links with Topkapi
Business sectors

Topkapi: multi-sector software platform

Find out how our SCADA solution meets the needs of your business sector: challenges, functional advantages, business applications, concrete cases of use.

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