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Dataviz module

Improve your operational efficiency with advanced data analysis using Topkapi's Dataviz module.

Dataviz to manage your performance

The Dataviz* module - for data visualisation - allows the creation of dynamic and personalised reporting via dashboards to present your KPIs**. By making your data more readable, the Dataviz solution helps you manage your business.

*Available from version 6.2
**KPIs: Key Performance Indicators

Improve your operational efficiency with our Dataviz module

The Dataviz module transforms a set of raw data, often uninterpretable as it is, into a visual representation to facilitate analysis. Your result indicators are at last easily accessible.

The plus with Topkapi and its Dataviz module?
Your dashboards are directly integrated into your monitoring application. No third-party solution to use. Can be viewed on any type of client and therefore any type of device (PC, smartphone, tablet).

A simple four-step process:

  1. Choose the data to be analysed: define KPIs or performance indicators. An essential phase in relation to your business and your challenges.
  2. Format the data: operational data generated by the Report module from the raw data
  3. Design your consultation screens: fully customisable via widgets
  4. Publish
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