Topkapi -

Key functions

Geoscada, protocols, database interfacing... discover all the key functions of Topkapi.


Topkapi's Webserv2 module uses the latest HTML5 web technologies to make Topkapi applications accessible on any type of media with a compatible Internet browser.
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Available protocols

Interoperability is the basis of our business. Topkapi is regularly enriched with new communication protocols to make it easier for you to configure your applications.
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DBMS interface

In order to meet the needs of openness and interoperability, Topkapi has an SQL connector that can be interfaced with most of the database management systems on the market.
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Communication front-end

With a large number of native protocols for data acquisition and various services for making the acquired and historical data available, Topkapi is particularly suitable for acting as a front-end or communication gateway between heterogeneous applications interconnected in a network
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Scriptable protocol

The "generic script" communication protocol is a scriptable and therefore open and interoperable data acquisition protocol to meet the challenges of integrating non-standardised multi-source data into Topkapi.
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To meet the needs of interfacing a Geographic Information System (GIS) with a SCADA software, Topkapi supports Web Map Service (WMS) functions.

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BACnet protocol

In order to meet the needs of the building industry, Topkapi has a native communication protocol driver BACnet, a standard recognized internationally (ISO) and in Europe (CEN).
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AREAL is working with numerous providers of communicating solutions to improve interoperability with its Topkapi software platform. It is a member of the OPC Foundation, which aims to promote this interoperability through the creation and diffusion of open standards.
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How to integrate heterogeneous multi-source IIoT information in Topkapi ? AREAL brings a concrete and flexible solution with Topkapi's protoscript which allows to realize scalable custom data acquisition. Whatever the chosen communication technology (Sigfox, LoRa, MQTT, etc.), this solution will meet your needs.
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