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DBMS & Topkapi interface

In order to meet the needs of openness and interoperability, Topkapi has an SQL connector that can be interfaced with most of the database management systems on the market.

Interfacing your databases with Topkapi monitoring solution

The openness and interoperability of supervision solutions is a criterion of choice. In order to meet this need, Topkapi SCADA software has a SQL connector - "Topkapi DB" version required. The latter allows data sharing between IT applications, storage of historical data in an open format, and also allows functional enhancements within Topkapi.

More details on DBMS interfacing with Topkapi

Technical characteristics

  • Compatible with the main DBMS in the market: ORACLE, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, etc.
  • Simultaneous reading/writing of several thousand events per second
  • Flexible and effective link with several DBMS simultaneously
  • Data directed identically or differentiated to one or several DBMS, etc. 
  • Load balancing in parallel database systems
  • Link status monitoring
  • Solution based on the SQL language in
  • Use possible without writing SQL queries (pre-formatted query sets supplied)
  • Simplified query editor
  • SQL query customization for advanced use
  • Compatible with Topkapi hot standby
  • Customizable automatic purging
  • Data bufferization in case a connection link is broken

Use case

Store and use Topkapi’s history data in an open format
Provide Topkapi’s history data to third party software
Use in Topkapi data produced by third party software

Interface Topkapi’s real-time core with a DBMS (OWSQL module) to:

  • Read the data in the base
  • Write Topkapi data to the base

Benefit from functional enhancements in Tokapi’s alarm views:

  • Customization of the views via the JavaScript language
  • Annotations
  • Actions (display of a mimic diagram view, e.g. by clicking an event line)
  • Inserting additional columns
  • Etc.
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