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Sectorization & leak

Divide a water network into zones to better visualize the volumes distributed and to efficiently detect possible leaks... sectorization is essential.

Detection de fuite eau - Topkapi

Topkapi: solution designed for the sectorization of water networks

The sectorization of drinking water systems makes it possible to optimize their performance by detecting losses due to leaks or abnormal use. In each of the zones of a network (the sectors), the inflow and outflow rates are measured, recorded and transmitted daily to a central control station. This process allows, thanks to the data from the transmitters, to quickly detect unjustified discrepancies between the volume of water "entering" and the volume of water "leaving" the system. 

The basis for the sectorization is the flow measurements carried out on the network. As the measurement points are very scattered, sectorization has been booming in recent years thanks to the development of remote transmitters which offer the following qualities: 

  • Long-lasting operation on batteries (no power supply is required) 
  • Capacity for remote transmission of information via GSM network 
  • Operation in harsh environments.

Topkapi SCADA software, proposed by AREAL, meets all information collection and processing needs. Easy to implement, our software platform does not require IT skills but nevertheless allows you to perform all the sophisticated calculations you wish to integrate into your application. It is, in particular, capable of performing simple calculation operations on historical data. Topkapi allows you to use time-stamped data from several different transmitters in the same calculation and to generate the corresponding curves. 

A single solution for multiple needs

Offering communication interfaces with many devices, it allows to choose the most effective and appropriate teletransmitters for your needs (measurement of flow, pressure, prelocaters, etc.).
More information
Acquisition capacities
Topkapi SCADA software natively manages GSM modems and GPRS/3G/4G IP accesses. It can thus automatically acquire data transmitted by third party equipment via SMS or IP network.
Recording capacity
After processing and formatting your data using basic calculation formulas, Topkapi saves it in its own logs or in shared databases (Oracle, SQL Server, etc).
Alarm management
From Topkapi, you simply set alarms adapted to your operating conditions.
Graph trend interface
This allows you to work not only on saved values, but also on formulas that can be freely changed during evaluation. With its zoom and comparison functions, it allows you to quickly navigate through the operating history and to detect faults at a glance.
Report manager
Thanks to its integrated report processing functions, Topkapi facilitates generation of summary reports. Availability of reports under Excel allows for easy layout customization.
WMS interfacing
Through its WMS (Web Map Services) interface, Topkapi connects to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) servers to display network maps enriched with sectorization data. Network visualization is thus complete, customizable and requires no updating intervention over time.
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