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Interfacing a Geographic Information System (GIS) with Topkapi

To meet the needs of interfacing a Geographic Information System (GIS) with a SCADA software, Topkapi supports Web Map Service (WMS) functions.

GeoSCADA: managing your geographically dispersed assets

In all applications involving remote devices geographically dispersed, technical information acquired through SCADA systems are correlated to maps information. Maps information change permanently and, rather than updating repeatedly the SCADA system (Topkapi supports import of DXF and MID / MIF file type), it is appealing to obtain them directly in real time by a request to a referent geographic information system (GIS).


With its new WMS functions, Topkapi displays onto a graphical view both the animated items featuring the data acquired and a map or a network view obtained from a GIS. This applies to all applications monitoring distribution networks (electricity, gas, water, sanitation, telecommunications and so on.), but also - in conjunction with the automatic acquisition of GPS position - to the management of  mobile fleet and operators on duty (for example DATI, alarm devices for isolated workers). The WMS standard can be used with most major GIS products such as Arc GIS, Autodesk, Map Info, Star Apic, etc. Topkapi SCADA software can select in a WMS server the layers to be displayed, and superimposes on the image provided its own objects with conventional control / command features.

Standardized WMS connector
Topkapi SCADA software natively integrates a WMS connector that meets the standard published by the OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium).
Data diplay
Topkapi gives you the possibility to choose the information to be displayed by superimposed plans.
Zoom capability
From the Topkapi SCADA software, you can zoom in and out with a single click to get the best visibility at all times.
Enrichment of views
Detail display according to zoom level (DECLUTERRING)
Automated updates
Maps are constantly updated in the Topkapi SCADA software, without the need for user action.
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