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Self-monitoring of sewage systems

A regulatory obligation, the self-monitoring of sanitation systems requires communities to monitor the operation of the water collection network and treatment plants.

Autosurveillance des reseaux assainissement - Topkapi

Collecting and processing wastewater network data with Topkapi

In connection with the regulations, communities are required to continuously monitor their wastewater systems. The self-monitoring of water collection systems requires the implementation of a system for data acquisition and transmission from the various measurement sites to a management station allowing the centralization of information. The teletransmission process uses automatic and remote data repatriation procedures. 

In conjunction with data loggers and local remote management stations, Topkapi SCADA software offers a simple and powerful solution for centralizing information, analyzing data and generating reports to meet self-monitoring needs. Topkapi is notably capable of performing simple calculation operations on historical data. Topkapi is also able to use time-stamped data from several different transmitters in a single calculation and generate the corresponding curves. A real advantage for operators.

A single solution for multiple needs

Offering communication interfaces with many devices, it allows to choose the most effective and appropriate teletransmitters for your needs (measurement of flow, pressure, prelocaters, etc.).
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Acquisition capacities
Topkapi SCADA software natively manages GSM modems and GPRS/3G/4G IP accesses. It can thus automatically acquire data transmitted by third party equipment via SMS or IP network.
Recording capacity
After processing and formatting your data using basic calculation formulas, Topkapi saves it in its own logs or in shared databases (Oracle, SQL Server, etc).
Alarm management
From Topkapi, you simply set alarms adapted to your operating conditions.
Graph trend interface
This allows you to work not only on saved values, but also on formulas that can be freely changed during evaluation. With its zoom and comparison functions, it allows you to quickly navigate through the operating history and to detect faults at a glance.
Report manager
Thanks to its integrated report processing functions, Topkapi facilitates generation of summary reports. Availability of reports under Excel allows for easy layout customization.
WMS (Web Map Services) interfacing
Through its WMS interface, Topkapi connects to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) servers to display network maps enriched with sectorization data. Network visualization is thus complete, customizable and requires no updating intervention over time.
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