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AREAL member of the OPC foundation

AREAL is working with numerous providers of communicating solutions to improve interoperability with its Topkapi software platform. It is a member of the OPC Foundation, which aims to promote this interoperability through the creation and diffusion of open standards.

Topkapi an OPC UA client

Topkapi software platform is an essential building block of the company's information system, which must be integrated into an ecosystem of often heterogeneous solutions. In this context, its publisher AREAL devotes time to developing the interoperability of its solution with third party solutions, whether hardware or software. The OPC UA standardised technology is a response to this need for interoperability by standardising exchanges between components. AREAL is a member of the OPC Foundation, which promotes this technology.

OPC UA is today positioned by the OPC Foundation as the solution for interoperability between components. In version 6.1, Topkapi is an OPC UA client for real-time data acquisition (management of time-stamped data and OPC UA server available in the next version). This communication driver enables data to be exchanged with OPC UA servers, whether they are software communicating with field equipment, equipment that natively integrates this protocol into its communication coupler or simply other software platforms that integrate this function. 

The immediate interest of OPC UA compared to its previous version OPC DA (which is still in use) lies in the security of the data (possible exchanges of encrypted/certified/authenticated data) and in the simplification of its implementation by freeing itself from the COM/DCOM communication layer when the server and the client are not on the same PC (as was the case in OPC DA).

AREAL regularly upgrades its OPC UA connector to meet the needs of the various business sectors it addresses: do not hesitate to contact our teams for any information.

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