topkapi - Main functions - Communication front-end

Using Topkapi as a communication front-end

With a large number of native protocols for data acquisition and various services for making the acquired and historical data available, Topkapi is particularly suitable for acting as a front-end or communication gateway between heterogeneous applications interconnected in a network

Front-end or gateway: Topkapi the right solution for your needs

Topkapi software platform ensures data acquisition through its multiple communication drivers, with industrial automatons but also with "computer hardware" (SNMP manager), dataloggers (SMS, FTP), etc. It then reprocesses the data in real time and makes it available to other applications, with its OPC server, SNMP agent (flexible MIB creation), Modbus slave (serial or IP) or Webservice functions. It also provides SQL data historization in shared databases, especially when source timestamping must be taken into account.

Topkapi: multi-sector software platform

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