News - Topkapi compatible with Siemens OZWx72 module

Topkapi compatible with Siemens OZWx72 module

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AREAL announces the compatibility of Topkapi with the Siemens OZWx72 communication unit widely used in the field of BMS.

The Siemens OZWx72 communication centre provides access to data from the Siemens Synco 700, Synco RXB/RXL, RDG/RDF/RDU room controllers, etc. A true data concentrator, the OZWx72 includes a Web server that provides access to data collected from controllers to third-party applications via an API (Application Programming Interface). AREAL has developed the system on the basis of this API and the Topkapi scriptable protocol.

AREAL is thus pursuing its strategy of interoperability with equipment in the BMS sector by offering a wide range of equipment compatible with the Topkapi supervision solution.