News - 5 reasons to choose AREAL's Topkapi solution

5 reasons to choose AREAL's Topkapi solution

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Are you looking for a new SCADA software to monitor your installations? Are you already using Topkapi or a competing solution? Let us explain to you in five key points why Topkapi supervision software published by AREAL is the right solution for you!

Topkapi SCADA software helps you monitor all your installations and communicating technical equipment. With it, you can control and monitor all your assets. Five reasons why you should or will make the right choice!


1/ Topkapi: over 35 years of existence

Why this longevity? Because AREAL regularly offers functional upgrades to meet the new business needs of its customers and partners. The AREAL teams are committed to staying as close as possible to the markets they serve. 
What's more, upward compatibility between versions of Topkapi is a sure guarantee that investments will be respected and a vector of confidence for all.  

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2/ An unrivalled diversity of native communication protocols 

Topkapi is first and foremost a solution that is independent of equipment manufacturers. In addition, the supervision software has numerous IT connectors enabling it to be integrated into the Information System, however complex it may be.
What's more, AREAL has developed and natively integrated a wide choice of communication protocols to enable data acquisition - the primary role of a supervisor - from a wide range of equipment: industrial PLCs, remote management PLCs, data loggers and IoT.

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3/ A unique SCADA system with advanced functionalities

Our aim: to simplify the daily lives of our customers and partners. In response to this challenge, AREAL offers a fully integrated solution. With Topkapi, there's no need to combine various software packages from different publishers to meet your needs (on-call management, reports, balance sheets, dashboards, etc.). There's just one solution to choose from! 
AREAL's ambition has also always been to make its solution accessible in terms of configuration to as many people as possible (integrators and end users). As a result, the Topkapi solution does not require advanced IT knowledge to set up and upgrade.

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4/ An extensive network of partners at your service

Having an extensive network of partners is great, but having a network of reliable, quality partners is even better! AREAL has always led and trained a network of integrators, both in France and abroad. Our training courses are provided by AREAL's support team, made up of employees who are both educators and experts in the solution. We also ensure that our network of integrators is kept up to date with our latest developments. 

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5/ Quality of service from a 100% French publisher

Based in the Ile-de-France and Moselle regions, our teams are on hand to respond to all requests. Our technical teams have perfect mastery of the software source code, so we can guarantee you responsive, high-level support. This is recognised and praised by our customers. AREAL is QUALIOPI-certified for its training courses, a guarantee of quality for the transfer of skills. We also offer customised pre-sales and after-sales support. 

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