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Advantages of Topkapi SCADA software

Discover the best features of the Topkapi software platform

Openness & interoperability

Topkapi SCADA software offers many possibilities to interface with any type of application or hardware to which it can be associated.

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Cybersecurity & Topkapi

In order to meet users' expectations in terms of cybersecurity, AREAL is implementing ANSSI's recommendations in the development of its Topkapi software platform.

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How can you prepare a year in advance, in just a few clicks, all your hourly programmes and the daily operation of your equipment? The "scheduler" function, included in all versions of Topkapi, meets this need.

Softlink auto setting

Topkapi, with its "softlink" module, provides a practical response to the automatic generation of applications by importing external data sources. Objective: to facilitate and accelerate the implementation, maintenance and operation of Topkapi supervision applications in order to increase productivity and focus on the essential, the operation of the process.