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Topkapi compatible with Perax DeltaX

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Did you know? Since August 2021 in version 6.1 and from release 28073, the Perax protocol proposed with Topkapi supports communication with the DeltaX IoT solution designed and marketed by the Perax company.

As a long-standing AREAL partner, Perax has used the MQTT protocol to develop the communication of this autonomous and eco-responsible device. Data acquisition is perfectly integrated into Topkapi natively on the basis of the scriptable protocol in a packaged manner with simplified parameterisation for the user. The MQTT* broker can be hosted either in a cloud solution proposed by Perax, in a cloud solution of your choice, or in your infrastructure.
*MQTT broker: application in charge of receiving the information published by the equipment in order to transmit it to the clients (Topkapi type)