Actualites - The new version 6.1 of Topkapi now available

The new version 6.1 of Topkapi now available

Press release

Ergonomic improvements and new functions, Topkapi SCADA software also integrates new interfaces and protocols to facilitate the control/command of automation systems.

Nowadays, the access to technical information - from any equipment at any time – is essential. To meet this challenge, AREAL offers its Topkapi V6.1 solution. For 30 years and in every business sectors, the French SCADA solution Topkapi has been meeting the needs of industrial supervision by integrating new information technologies. Topkapi enables simple and fluid interaction with technical installations of all types without any particular constraints via a web browser, regardless of the device (tablet, PC, Smartphone, etc.).

Fast controlling and optimised interface

In its new version 6.1, Topkapi goes one step further for an enriched user experience. New interfaces for consulting data and viewing rights/operators, a new simulation module, redesigned ergonomics for setting mimic attributes, GIS-optimised background displays, the ability to create several default mimic presentations, the addition of new fields to variables, and a new graphical object library interface. Topkapi aims to be ever more operational and easy to use.

New protocols to enhance Topkapi interoperability

In this version, AREAL has paid particular attention to the integration of new communication protocols to offer greater interoperability with third-party equipment: OPC UA Client, Sofrel secured protocol (S4W), IIoT protocol to open up to the world of connected objects and Big Data, etc.

For the building management sector, new Web interfaces allow the control of BMS calendars dedicated to equipments communicating via the BACNet protocol. Finally, the remote alarm notification module is now VOIP by SIP compatible in order to meet current information distribution standards.

Enriched by these new features, Topkapi V6.1 increases its interoperability capacities and provides a concrete response to the needs of the market, which is constantly evolving.

Download the technical sheet Topkapi version 6.1 >>