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IIoT : Industrial Internet of Things & Topkapi

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IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) facilitates the instrumentation of facilities at a lesser cost, by offering some deployment flexibility (energy independent communicating sensor or actuator). It calls upon technologies such as Sigfox, LoRa, MQTT, Webservices, ... which are increasingly generalizing in the field.

In the field of supervision, the stake is to combine data acquired in a traditional manner with IIoT data. How does Topkapi respond to this subject today?

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We can say that Topkapi is IIoT compatible, but the lack of standard and disparity of the offers present in the market require individual handling of each request, unlike with standardized communication protocols. To respond effectively and in a financially reasonable way, we designed a protocol driver programmable in JavaScript integrating ready-to-use libraries.

We can illustrate this with the example of the Sigfox network: the communication infrastructure is proprietary and the (time-stamped) data is made available via a portal called a ‘backend’, which Topkapi has to interface with. The data organisation is specific to each manufacturer: it requires adapting the data exchange protocol to each type of device. No standard Sigfox driver can be proposed. The use of a ‘scriptable’ protocol is a simple and effective solution to this issue.

For example we have implemented this type of development upon request from the Régie des Eaux Gessiennes: Topkapi now acquires data from Ijinus Sigfox devices (water treatment network instrumentation here) and Connit Sigfox (for telemetering).

Another interfacing over Sigfox network is also being studied for IDEX, who has recently chosen Topkapi for its nationwide supervision solution for its building operation business. The IIoT equipment is supplied by ATIM and ENLESS (temperature sensors, multi-energy meters, etc.) with 10,000 connected objects to be linked.