Actualites - 40% of tertiary buildings waste energy

40% of tertiary buildings waste energy

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During quarantine, 40% of office buildings would have continued to consume energy as if they were occupied, according to a survey by Deepki.

At the end of 2019, according to the french government, there were 981 million square metres of heated and 307,6 million square metres of air-conditioned tertiary buildings in France. The tertiary sector consumed 237.4 TWh of energy, all energies and all uses combined. This is a considerable consumption at a time when the preservation of our energy resources is a major concern. 

Reducing the consumption of the most energy-intensive equipment: an obligation in France by 1er January 2025

On 20 July 2020, the BACS decree n°2020-887 on the automation and control system of non-residential buildings and automatic heat regulation was published in France. It targets buildings with an effective rated output of more than 290 kW. The decree applies to new buildings from 21 July 2021 and to existing buildings from 1er January 2025. Objective: non-residential building managers must deploy the necessary means to reduce the consumption of the most energy-intensive equipment (heating, air conditioning, ventilation, domestic hot water production, lighting, energy production units) with an ROI of less than 6 years.

Topkapi - a french software platform published by AREAL - is an essential component of building automation and control systems. It is perfectly integrated into commercial buildings in order to control all their energy data and more. Interoperable, this solution allows operators to efficiently manage, among other things, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and lighting. 

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