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A specific webservice for a bidirectional exchange with Vertuoz

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A connected environment requires interfacing Topkapi with miscellaneous and various hardware, as well as with third party software applications. Supervision must increasingly blend into the company’s Information System.

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The last component developed by our services is a data server in the form of a Webservice. It allows Topkapi to expose its data to third party applications in read/write (real time and sampled data).
The Webservice provided is of the API REST type, in the Json format. Cybersecurity and access rights were taken into consideration, as the medium used is https and authentication of the third party login into Topkapi inherits the rights specific to Topkapi.

We also offer bespoke developments. We have performed such work within the CPE (Contrat de Performance Energétique, Energy performance contract) covering 140 schools, awarded to the ENGIE COFELY – ARTELIA Building & Industry pool in 2016 by the City of Paris. This contract aims at reducing energy consumption in schools by a least 30%.

For the activities we are concerned with, it relies on:

  • The implementation of a smart facilities monitoring and remote control system aiming at energy performance guaranteeing optimized management of consumptions
  • Use of innovative object technologies at the service of energy transition to make buildings smarter and lower their energy consumption

A total 15,000 wireless connected objects were deployed. These objects are managed by ENGIE COFELY’s VERTUOZ solution. Topkapi ensures centralised management of local regulators over a BACnet network.

The two solutions had to be interfaced in order to:

  • Use the values of the sensors (temperatures, presence, CO2) and the information per zone  
  • Manage the operating alerts
  • Implement duplex exchanges with VERTUOZ of information linked with the schedules of use and set point temperatures
  • Manage archiving, monitoring and transfer of data to the dedicated servers

To interface the two solutions, we have developed – together with ENGIE COFELY – a specific secured Webservice  supported by REST/Json APIs.

By allowing communication with BACnet regulators and connected objects, Topkapi provides the schools’ supervisor with an overall view of the installed base and key indicators, allowing optimizing energy consumption and improving user comfort.